Sad Day In My Life :(

sunday , 27 march 2011
aku txtin dea for first tyme

Akuon 12 april 2010 , we was got couple
You stole my heart from the person who name
Mus ! You was a caring boy , good , never let me down ,
you know how to treat my heart , you change me , you taught me to be a faithful
We got happiness untill nine  months !
But now ,everythings change 
You were different boy , you always make me cry , you love t show me at public figure ,
you arrogant , selfish , you never stop hurting me , you ignore me
But i still keep waiting and never hate you !
Now , other girls has stole mine !
I cannot stop thinking  of you !
But if you say ' a word that i really want to heard , please rep my  txtin 
I really need you , i can't accept any one except you !
You s o important to me !

DIA : Suda  laa , aku skrg nak single
aku taknak hdp aku terikat even nan kwn  or pmpuan
bgun  laa dr mimpi kau
 lupekan yg dah berlalu sb ape yang berlalu tak manis tok kau kenang
jgn rep txtin ni , ni terakhir aku cntct kau
bye !

AKU : And for the last tyme , i want you to say either yolove me or hate me ?

DIA : Hate 

p/s : ineedyou !